Fast Deliveries

  • Sorrento Lumber & Concrete Company will deliver materials to your jobsite. We try to delivery your materials within 24 hours of less. However, we ask that you try to place your orders more than a day in advance when possible.
  • In most instances, we will also pickup your material at your jobsite for no charge. Please stack and cover all materials to be returned together, and supply and itemized list to our driver.
  • Allow at least 48 hours for pickup. If we fail to pick up your materials set aside for return, please notify us immediately.
  • Your jobsite should be prepared to receive our deliveries. Sorrento Lumber trucks require hard, stable ground to support their weight.
  • To speed up all deliveries, please help us reduce trips by combining orders for delivery or pickup.


  • In order to receive 100% credit for materials purchased at Sorrento Lumber & Concrete Company, the material must be returned in its original resalable condition. We will not accept returned material unless it is in this condition.
  • Materials delivered and/or purchased from Sorrento Lumber belong to you. It is your responsibility to keep them clean, free from nail holes, saw marks, and to protect the material from the weather if you intend to return them to us for credit.
  • Roofing is eligible for 100% credit ONLY IF returned in full, unopened bundles.
  • Special orders are NOT returnable for credit. Special orders not delivered or picked up at our store will automatically be billed to the customer's account 30 days after we receive them from our supplier.
  • If we refuse to issue credit for certain items returned, the items will be available for immediate pickup by you. If material is not picked up within 15 days we will dispose of the items.
  • We will NOT accept returns on drywall. Crushed or broken corners, scrapes, and indentations render the product unusable and unsuitable for resale. We are happy to delivery small quantities of drywall to prevent your need to over-order.
  • Remember, purchases belong to you until we accept them for return.

  • Credit Policy

    • All charge accounts must be paid by the 10th of the month following purchases. If not paid in full, accounts are subject to accrual finance charges on the 25th of the month. In the event an account becomes delinquent, the account may be turned over to collections, suspended, and/or liens may be filed. We will notify customers by a 10-day letter prior to talking any legal action.
    • Please inform our Accounts Receivables department of any discrepancies in your bill. We pledge to bill promptly to ensure your ability to pay your account in full.

    The entire staff at Sorrento Lumber & Concrete Company are eager to provide you with the very best building materials, hardware and concrete, backed by the best service in the business. We strive to deliver top quality materials at competitive pricing, give prompt attention to your needs at the jobsite, and careful attention to details after the sale. In return, we ask that all our valued contractors, homebuilders, and do-it-yourselfers follow the business guideline* we have established in order to keep your business and ours running smoothly. We appreciate your business and letting us help build your dreams!